The Home Inspection

The importance of a home inspector in san diegoHome inspections have become very popular when buying a home. Most buyers hire a professional home inspector to take a closer look at a home prior to closing, or sometimes even prior to writing a purchase contract. The home inspection covers many systems within your house. It is smart to take care of some of the more important ones before placing your home for sale. This includes:

»  Mold & Mildew – Mold is a top word no buyer ever wants to hear. Mildew stains and odors will drive a buyer away.
»  Roofing – Deteriorated shingles or other roof coverings are hot-spots for buyers and inspectors since they can be expensive and cause expensive damage. Repairs will likely be requested.
»  Cracks in walls or ceilings – These are red flags. Mortar and brick should be in good condition. And roof/wall flashing should be watertight.
»  Structure and foundation – This is rare, but it could be a deal breaker.
»  Gutters and downspouts – They should allow water to run away from the house.
»  Plumbing problems – Leaks and clogs should be fixed. Inspectors will check water pressure by turning on numerous faucets and flushing toilets at the same time. Dishwashers, garbage disposals, and other appliances will be tested.
»  Heating and cooling systems – These should be in good working order, and efficient.
»  Electrical – The inspector will check outlets, switches, the electrical panel and more..

Remember, no home is perfect and a good inspector will most likely find those imperfections. Don’t be discouraged, and don’t feel that you must fix everything that is wrong. Your contract probably states that things should be in good working order at closing. That doesn’t mean you have to replace the whole roof because of a small leak. It simply means that if you fix the leak, then the roof is in good working order. The bottom line is to do everything possible to get your house in good condition prior to putting it up for sale.


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