Determining The Right Home For You

Determine the perfect san diego home for you

There are a number of things to consider when choosing the right home, and each person’s priorities can be quite different. Where should it be located; neighborhood preference; single or two-story, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms; square footage; yard size; features; quality of school system; age of home; interior or exterior appeal; and most of all, price, because if it’s out of your budget, it is out of consideration.

Make a List
Determining the right home for you starts with a priority list of things important to you. Start with the things you must have. As you work down the list, put these items in order of importance. After you are done, go back up to the top and move down until you get to a place where you have to draw the line. Above the line should be all of the items you have to have, and below the line should be all of the things that would be nice to have. This will save you a great deal of time and provide you with a more focused search.

Working with an Agent
The Internet can provide you with homes matching your criteria. However, trying to set up appointments to view homes for sale yourself is difficult and time-consuming, so using an agent can be much more efficient. They can do the same thing for you, but by working with a great agent, you benefit from their knowledge and experience as well. Their advice could better help you determine the right home for you and they can assist you with the actual purchase contract. In addition, a real estate agent is “free” to use in California, since the home seller pays broker commissions.

What to Do When You Find the Right Home
Considering everything has come together, the price is within your budget, and a home has met your requirements list, it’s time to make an offer. Part of the offer should require a home inspection, so you have reliable information about any major problems or repairs you might incur and how they will be handled. If your offer is accepted, the sale moves forward and escrow is opened. If your offer is not accepted, the seller may counter-offer with different terms, or even accept another buyer’s offer.

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