8 Ways To Keep Your Dog Happy During Your San Diego Move 

If you’re moving to San Diego with a pet, you’re in for a real treat as San Diego is one of the top dog-friendly cities in the country, according to Forbes Magazine. In addition to all of the gorgeous dog-friendly parks, like Fiesta Island, Balboa Park, and Marian Bear Memorial Park, there are many dog-friendly retailers, restaurants, and even breweries! In fact, BringFido.com has a listing of 200 restaurants in San Diego that allow dogs. 

Here are 8 tips to help make sure your move to San Diego is a pleasant one, for you and your pet.

8 ways to keep your dog happy during your San Diego move

For more information:

 1. Visit bringfido.com to find pet friendly establishments

 2. Visit petsmart.com to order new ID tags

 3. Visit yelp.com to read vet reviews

 4. Visit humanesociety.org for help with packing a travel bag for your dog

5. Visit hireahelper.com to hire pet friendly movers

  6. Visit vcahospitals.com for tips on managing your pet’s stress

 7. Visit redfin.com for more tips on moving with a pet

 8. Visit cesarsway.com to get tips on being calm and patient with your dog


Whether you’re moving to San Diego from another city or just moving across town, planning and executing a move can be overwhelming. There are so many things to do such as packing, hiring a mover, and putting in a change of address. Our guide to moving with a pet will relieve the worry about how to make sure they’re taken care of and allow you to focus on the other things on your list. So get moved in, leash up your pup and go explore San Diego together! Woof Woof!


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