5 Cheap Home Improvements Before Selling Your Home!

Before selling your home, knowing what upgrades have the best payoff is important. Of course, there are countless ways to spend money on a property, from knocking down walls to replacing floors to adding new windows, so thinking through them can be tough. How are you supposed to choose? Where should you start? To help make the decision easier, here’s a look at 5 of the most high-impact and cheap home improvements that can increase your home’s value. Whether you want to invest in your property for the long haul— or for a fast sale— here are some good places to start.

  1. Replace the Front Door: Believe it or not, replacing your front entry with a steel door is one of the best investments (in cheap home inprovement upgrades when selling-front doorterms of resale value) you can make in your home. The front door is a home buyer’s first impression walking into your home, and the last thing they see when exiting. It’s known as the best cost-versus-value upgrade for your home. And since swapping out the front door can cost less than $1,000, it’s not an unbearable change for the pocketbook, either.
  2. Paint: Fresh paint makes a home feel fresh and new— exactly what buyers like. Choose a neutral color that is calm and soothing and paint fresh coats throughout the main living areas and bedrooms. This upgrade isn’t too pricey, especially if you do the work yourself, yet it will go a long way toward making your home more attractive. Even if you aren’t planning to move any time soon, fresh paint can give you a bright and new feeling to your home.
  3. Strategic Kitchen Upgrades: In today’s real estate markets, kitchens are hot. Buyers want beautiful kitchens and are often willing to pay for it. To make upgrading your cooking space an affordable improvement, focus on budget-friendly changes like replacing the sink faucet, upgrading cabinet hardware, updating old light fixtures and finding low-cost ways to make the entire kitchen feel clean and cohesive. Another tip is that buyers like appliances to match.
  4. Bathrooms: Anything you can do to modernize your bathrooms is a step in the right direction, value-wise. So rather than spending tens of thousands of dollars in full remodels, try instead to make small but significant changes like swapping out a cabinet sink with a pedestal model, or re-grouting the aging tile. Other ideas: replace the toilet seat, lay new floors over old ones or replace tired showers and tubs with upgraded options.

cheap home improvement upgrades when selling-curb appeal5. Get Out the Green Thumb: Curb appeal is important because it sets the first impression of your home to potential buyers. Take proper care of your landscaping by mowing the lawn, tending to flowers & shrubs, and taking care of your walkways. For small improvements with a lot of impact potential, consider adding new sod, new shrubs or colorful plants and flowers. Even if you have to pay a landscaper to make some changes, the payoff can be well worth it.


By making some simple, smart improvements to your home can reap big rewards, now and in the future. When the day comes that you decide to sell, use the five ideas listed above as a starting place for where it’s worth spending your hard-earned money. It may make all the difference in how you enjoy your home, not to mention how quickly it can go off the market!

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